Happy 24th Birthday Jennifer Lawrence (August 15)

Everybody told me there were no spiders, so when I saw three, I started crying. Jungles are not easy when you’re afraid of everything. I think I am a legitimate alcoholic. No, what’s it called? An arachnophobic.

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Jennifer Lawrence + Fashion Shoots.

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the hunger games trilogy meme; [9/10] memorable scenes

"Katniss," Gale says softly. I recognize that voice. It’s the same one he uses to approach wounded animals before he delivers the deathblow. I instinctively raise my hand to block his words but he catches it and holds it tightly. "Don’t," I whisper. But Gale is not one to keep secrets from me. "Katniss, there is no District 12."

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Jennifer Lawrence swarmed by her family after the Oscar victory in 2013.

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New pics of Jennifer Lawrence at her brother’s wedding (+ 1 in better quality)

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(closer look at the penis)

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"We don’t see you get carried home from a club in this neighborhood."

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I can think of a lot of things that taste better than skinny feels.

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